Obstetrics & Gynecology


The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Justice K. S Hegde Charitable Hospital is well equipped to provide women with comprehensive health care ranging from antenatal and postnatal care, general gynaecology, infertility services, cancer screening for gynaecological oncology and family planning services. It has adequate demonstration rooms, lecture halls with audio visual aids, museum, well equipped labour theatre and a library. The department trains students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as students of paramedical courses like Physiotherapy and Nursing.

The KSHEMA IVF lab is located in a spacious, well equipped and ventilated hall in the second floor of the hospital adjacent to the skill lab.

Faculty / OPD Schedule

Outpatient Department at Justice K. S Hegde Charitable Hospital runs on all days of the week including Sundays. OPD timings are from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM and on Sundays from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

OPD Monday & Thursday Tuesday & Friday Wednesday & Saturday
O.T Wednesday & Saturday Monday & Thursday Tuesday & Friday
  1. Dr. Lakshmi Manjeera. M (Prof & HOD)
  2. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Shetty. K (Professor)
  3. Dr. Aparna Rajesh (Additional Professor)
  4. Dr. Samskruthi Shetty (Assistant Professor)
  5. Dr. Kavya A (Senior Resident)
  6. Dr. Chaitra R (Senior Resident)
  1. Dr. Supriya Rai (Prof & Unit Head)
  2. Dr. Neetha Nandan (Associate Professor)
  3. Dr. Kailashnath Shetty (Assistant Professor)
  4. Dr. Sapna Chauhan (Senior Resident)
  5. Dr. Abhiramya. D (Senior Resident)
  6. Dr. Mubeen Ara Qazi (Senior Resident)
  1. Dr. Shipra Sonkusare (Prof & Unit Head)
  2. Dr. Harish Shetty (Professor)
  3. Dr. Shaila S Shenoy (Assistant Professor)
  4. Dr. Krishnapriya (Assistant Professor)
  5. Dr. Ashwitha Gundmi (Senior Resident)
  6. Dr. Nalini S (Senior Resident)

PG Residents

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Pujitha Murthi Senior Resident
2 Dr. Mubeena Beegum Abdulla Jr. Resident
3 Dr. Prabaneet Kaur Jr. Resident
4 Dr. Shreeja G Jr. Resident
5 Dr. Vandana Muralidharan Jr. Resident
6 Dr. Akhila G.Menon Jr. Resident
7 Dr. Pereiera Patricia Malini Jr. Resident
8 Dr. Sithara C. Shashidhar Jr. Resident
9 Dr. Arumugam Thirunavukkarasu Jr. Resident
10 Dr. Chaitanya K.T. Jr. Resident
11 Dr. Jeevanthy P. Upadhya Jr. Resident
12 Dr. Neha Tiwari Jr. Resident

Speciality Clinic Schedule

1 Antenatal clinic On all days
2 Postnatal clinic On all days
3 MTP clinic Wednesday & Thursday
4 Cancer Screening & Counselling Monday, Wednesday & Friday
5 Infertility clinic On all days
6 Family planning clinic Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
7 Menopausal clinic Wednesday & Saturday


  • Antenatal Clinic: High risk pregnancy care, management of bad obstetric history cases
  • Family Planning Program: Counselling, distribution of oral contraceptives, condoms and IUCD insertion for free of cost, tubal sterilization both minilap and laparoscopy.
  • In-patient care, Labour and Delivery Area (Birthing Centre), we have Well-equipped Air conditioned Labour Theatres (4 beds) with adult and fetal monitors, portable ultrasound machine and eclampsia room.
  • We have painless Labour Clinic in association with the department of Anaesthesia and other labour analgesia are also available.
  • Common High dependency unit (HDU), closed ICU and New-born care areas (NICU) with 6 beds Ante-partum and post-partum observation rooms with special high risk pregnancy ward (6 beds).
  • General Gynaecology: outpatient consultation for common gynaecological problems and complex disorders where experienced faculty provide quality care. All gynaecological procedures including endoscopic gynaecological procedures like operative laparoscopy (lap assisted vaginal hysterectomy, total lap hysterectomy, laparoscopic cystectomy, adhesiolysis, hysteroscopy etc.) are performed in well-equipped operating theatres.
  • Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy: carried out to diagnose and treat abnormal uterine bleeding, missing IUCD etc.
  • Cancer screening: Pap smear for cervical cancer, colposcope for the diagnosis of pre-invasive and invasive cancer of the cervix, mammogram for breast cancer, outpatient endometrial biopsies facilities are also available.
  • Menopausal clinic: Complete evaluation and counselling of women who are nearing menopause or menopausal, including hormone replacement therapy is provided in our department.
  • KSHEMA IVF-Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Centre: KSHEMA IVF has a floor area of approximately 2,500sq.ft. Comprehensive fertility care under one roof including initial evaluation, counselling, ultrasound, semen analysis, artificial insemination with husband's semen, donor semen (intrauterine insemination), IVF/ICSI, cryopreservation of embryos and gametes, egg donation/sharing etc. Facilities for ovulatory studies, diagnostic / operative laparoscopic and facilities for evaluation of the male partner.
  • Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC): Located in the out-patient wing, the centre offers pre and post-test counselling and free HIV spot tests. This serves in the reduction of mother to child transmission of HIV Emergency care is provided by the in-hospital consultants on a 24 hr basis.