Department of ENT


The Department of ENT is established in the year 1999. Since then department is actively involved in both undergraduate and post graduate training and health care system. Operative procedures are conducted six days a week. Micro Otological surgeries, Micro Laryngoscopic surgeries, Endoscopic Sinus surgeries, Thyroidectomy, head and neck cancer surgeries etc., are performed apart from the routine ENT surgeries. Department are also started doing Cochlear Implant in 2013. Vertigo Clinics conducted on every days.

A specialised sinus endoscopy clinic is conducted every Wednesday. The department also has a full-fledged Audiology and Speech Pathology unit. The audiology section is actively involved in the evaluation and management of hearing impairment in adults and children. Predominant conditions seen are those of middle ear pathology, congenital hearing loss, presbycusis, noise induced hearing loss etc. Patients are provided with rehabilitative facilities, and free hearing aids made available under the government scheme. The speech language pathology section is involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of children and adults with varying defects of speech and language. These defects involve conditions such as hearing loss, mental retardation, velopharyngeal insufficiencies etc. Therapeutic management of adults with fluency disorders, voice disorders, neurological conditions, etc. is also being undertaken.

Our department has a good faculty strength with excellent team work and cooperation. It is well equipped with speciality clinics like Voice clinic consisting of a stroboscopy unit, which is only the second in mangalore. we also have a vertigo clinic with a modern electronystagmograph and support of a well-equipped audiology department. We also have an excellent patient load with a vast variety of cases.

Faculty / OPD Schedule

Outpatient Department at Justice K. S Hegde Charitable Hospital runs on all days of the week including Sundays. OPD timings are from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM and on Sundays from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

Sl. No. Name Designation Unit 1 Unit 2
1 Dr.Satheesh Kumar Bhandary B. Professor and Dean OP: Mon, Wed, Fri
OT: Tue, Thu, Sat
2 Dr. Rajeshwary A Professor & HOD OP: Mon, Wed, Fri
OT: Tue, Thu, Sat
3 Dr. Kishore Chandra Shetty Professor - OP: Tue, Thu, Sat
OT: Mon, Wed, Fri
4 Dr. Vadish Bhat Professor OP: Mon, Wed, Fri
OT: Tue, Thu, Sat
5 Dr. Shrinath Kamath Associate Professor - OP: Tue, Thu, Sat
OT: Mon, Wed, Fri
6 Dr. Biniyam Associate Professor - OP: Tue, Thu, Sat
OT: Mon, Wed, Fri
7 Dr. Marina Saldanha Assistant Professor OP: Mon, Wed, Fri
OT: Tue, Thu, Sat
8 Dr. Gautham M K Assistant Professor OP: Mon, Wed, Fri
OT: Tue, Thu, Sat
9 Dr. Shravan Alva Senior resident - OP: Tue, Thu, Sat
OT: Mon, Wed, Fri

PG Residents

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Deepika Prathap Junior Resident
2 Dr. Ivan Paraekulam Mani Junior Resident
3 Dr. N Cherian Elizabeth Junior Resident
4 Dr.Lennie Mathew Robert Junior Resident
5 Dr Devika T Junior Resident
6 Dr Remya Koikkara Junior Resident
7 Dr Naina Narasimhadevara Junior Resident
8 Dr Razna Junior Resident
9 Dr Ron Jacob Thomas Junior Resident
10 Dr Sachin J Varghese Junior Resident
11 Dr Samatha K J Junior Resident
12 Dr Vaishnavi S Junior Resident


Following facilities available in the department

  • 24hrs emergency services, OPD facility on all week days (9 to 4.30), Sundays from (9-1)
  • Endoscopic facility both in OT & OPD
  • Vedio stroboscopy services to diagnosed various voice disorders
  • Electronystagrography to detect balance disorders
  • Microscopic facility in the OPD to diagnose various ear disorders
  • Micro ear surgery
  • Micro laryngeal surgery
  • Cancer surgery
  • Laser surgery
  • Cochlear implant surgery
  • Sleep study in sleep lab in collaboration with department of pulmonary medicine