General Medicine


Internal Medicine is managed by an excellent and competent team of doctors who are dedicated in providing patient-centered, evidence-based medical care. The goal is to improve health of our society through basic biomedical research and clinical investigation, comprehensive and personalized patient care at affordable costs and the training of the next generation of specialist physicians.

The department currently consists of 63 staff members with 8 Professors, 3 Associate professors, 08 Assistant professors, 4 Senior residents and 36 Junior residents divided into 5 units.

Faculty / OPD Schedule

Outpatient Department at Justice K. S Hegde Charitable Hospital runs on all days of the week including Sundays. OPD timings are from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM and on Sundays from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

Staff list

1 Dr.Suresh G Professor & Unit Head I I Monday
2 Dr.P.S.Prakash Professor & Dean I Monday
3 Dr.Tanmay Bhat Professor I Monday
4 Dr.Shamaprakash K Professor I Monday
5 Dr.Pratheeksha Rai Assistant Professor I Monday
6 Dr.Vipin Paul Senior Resident I Monday
8 .Dr.Sudhindra Rao M Professor & HOD II Tuesday
9 Dr.Adithi K Assoc. Professor II Tuesday
10 Dr.Shuaib Ahamed Assistant Professor II Tuesday
11 Dr.Bhargav R.Karanth Senior Resident II Tuesday
12 Dr.Ivor D’sa Professor & Unit Head III III Wednesday
13 Dr. Harshitha punja Senior Resident III Wednesday
14 Dr.Abhiman Shetty Senior Resident III Wednesday
15 Dr.Sandeep Padival Senior Resident III Wednesday
16 Dr.L.N.Samaga Professor & Unit Head IV IV Thursday
17 Dr.Supriya P.S Associate Professor IV Thursday
18 Dr. Vishnumoorthy Senior Resident IV Thursday
19 Dr.Ram Mohan Bhandary Senior Resident IV Thursday
20 Dr. Raghava Sharma Professor & Unit Head V V Friday
21 Dr. Chethan Subramanya> Associate Professor V Friday
22 Dr. Bhanushree Assistant Professor V Friday
23 Dr.Siddarth Pande Assistant Professor V Friday

PG list

Sl.No. Name
1 Dr.Yogesh Kini
2 Dr.Nikhil R
3 Dr.Nitish Janardhan
4 Dr.Rishikesh Chandran
5 Dr.Nischal Jain
6 Dr.Veeranki Lokesh
7 Dr.Udhesh K
8 Dr.Sowmya G
9 Dr.Sai Harshitha
10 Dr.Abhishek Chandran R
11 Dr.Vetha Palani
12 Dr.Harish Khanna
13 Dr.Kannan P
14 Dr.Mishal Jain
15 Dr.Raaza Mohammed Raaza
16 Dr.Mohammed Aslam Ahmed
17 Dr.Edwin
18 Dr.Sai Manicharan
19 Dr.Pounraj
20 Dr.Sanjay
21 Dr.Rohith Krishnan
22 Dr.Paul Nedumpura
23 Dr.Rushikiran
24 Dr.T.Nikhil
25 Dr.Mahantesh
26 Dr.Hrudhya Reddy
27 Dr.Satvika Bonigi
28 Dr.Modi Farooq Basha
29 Dr.Harshavardhan Reddy
30 Dr.Deepashika
31 Dr.Ramyashree Reddy
32 Dr.Sonia
33 Dr.Anilchandra
34 Dr.Madhuri

Speciality Services

Speciality services such as cardiology, pulmonology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and Oncology have specialist consultants are equiped with state of the art Cath Lab, TMT , Holter monitoring, Echocardiography, Endoscopy units, Dialysis unit, EEG, EMG / Nerve conduction/ evoked potentials, Bronchoscopy, PFT and sleep lab.

Other services includes:

  • Diabetes clinic
  • Hypertension clinic
  • Geriatric clinic
  • HIV counseling clinic and ICTC Centre